Welcome to JobGroup

Welcome to Portland’s largest independent job search organization helping job seekers find their next jobs since February 2012. Portland Job Group was founded on the principles that the best way to find a job is to share ideas and help each other in a structured, workshop based environment that promotes learning and personal growth.  Portland Job Group is comprised entirely of non-paid volunteers that are passionate about forming and fostering an open, inclusive community.  Here is how Portland Job Groups works, and how you can get involved.

Portland Job Groups holds weekly workshops in the Portland metro area.  Our workshops are based on our 8-module curriculum we have developed, that breaks the job search process into defined, measurable activities.  The workshops are instructor led.  The role of our instructors is both to teach basic concepts and to encourage open discussion. Past members have described our groups as a “support system” and a “relaxing and calming environment to approach the job search.”  We have designed our modules to have specific outcomes and takeaways you can immediately use in your job search.  Our members include new college grads to executives working in large organizations, as well as those working directly in the human resource community.

All of our events are posted on Meetup.com and are free of charge.  Additionally, check out our Resources page for networking information, application skills, career coaches, and career alternatives.  We do not charge for content or sell additional add-on services.  We freely share all of our information for our own mutual good.  Bring your business cards, job search questions, and be prepared to share your live experiences with others. Come be a part of Job Group, your job search community.


Jenessa Stieglitz

Executive Director