Welcome to JobGroup

A New Year With New Changes

Thank you all for being a part of JobGroup. Over the last four years, we have helped countless people find jobs in Portland by promoting best practices in the job search. We have held almost 319 meetups and have over 1,321 registered users. We’ve become one of the largest, community run job search organizations in Portland. I’ve heard your stories about how JobGroup has made a positive difference in your lives and how we have been able to help you find your next job.

However, it’s time for JobGroup to grow, change, and evolve. I have stepped down as the executive director of JobGroup at the end of 2016. We need a fresh jolt of energy and enthusiasm to keep JobGroup moving forward. Someone that can both build upon the success of our past and identify new ways we can grow.

With that said, I will be passing the JobGroup torch on to Leta Muncie. Leta will be hosting JobGroup in Canby. Leta has already been working hard with her Job Seekers group in Canby and making use of the Job Group curriculum will be a wonderful addition to the work she has already been doing. Please check the Canby Area Job Seekers Facebook page for upcoming events. If you have any questions, please email canbyjobseekers@gmail.com or contact the Facebook group.

Thanks again for being a part of JobGroup and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Jenessa Stieglitz

Executive Director